Katie Corkern, Executive Director

Katie Corkern lives with her husband and three sons in Amite, Louisiana. She has spent the past 10 years as a Special Education teacher teaching in various classrooms with children of varying exceptionalities. She has also been an active advocate for individuals with developmental disabilities which lead to her becoming LaCAN’s Home and Community Based Supports leader for Region 9 in 2016-17. Her passion for advocating for individuals with disabilities began in her college days and was solidified in the birth of her middle son, Connor.

I hope to use and transform my families challenges into successes of others

Connor, who is now 10 years old, was born with multiple disabilities including a rare brain malformation, blind, uncontrollable seizures, he’s also nonverbal and strictly fed through a feeding tube; though his diagnoses may seem daunting Connor has an undeniable joy for life and values his role in his community.

Katie hopes to use and transform her family’s own challenges into the successes of others living the same life through her position as Executive Director here at Northshore Families Helping Families.

  • Favorite Food: Lasagna
  • Hidden Talent: I Can Whistle Loudly Using My Pinky Fingers!
  • Favorite Actor: Tom Hanks
  • Favorite Quote: “Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire!”
  • Worst Invention Ever: Moon Sand! Seriously, a Mom’s Worst Nightmare!

Katie also is a member of the Governor’s Advisory Council on Disability Affairs, Florida Parishes Human Services Authority Regional Advisory Council, and Children’s Hospital of New Orleans Patient and Family Advisory Council.

Her hobbies include reading, spending time with her family on their farm, and writing.